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Heart Burn - Acid Reflux

Gastroesophageal reflux

  • 20 min
  • Lakeshore Road

Service Description

-Heartburn can happen when acid in your stomach comes back up into your throat or mouth. You may experience some of the symptoms below: -Burping / stomach acid rise from the stomach into the mouth -Burning feeling in the stomach or lower chest rising to the neck -Trouble getting a good night's sleep because of heartburn -Pain in the middle of the upper stomach area -Nausea - This can cause burning or pain in your chest, an unpleasant taste, bad breath, or belching (burping). -Your pharmacist may be able to prescribe treatments to help with these symptoms. 🎁If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, go to your nearest emergency department or call 911: • Blood in your vomit or phleghm • Difficulty breathing • Pain that feels like pressure or tightening in your chest that spreads to your neck, jaw, or arm • Unusual sweating -Pharmacists can now assess and prescribe medications to treat heart burn. -This is not to replace physicians, but it will help to reduce workload and wait times to see a doctor for major ailments. -This service is covered by OHIP = Ontario health card (Do not have a health card? There is a fee for that service). -Please book an appointment online. -Appointment options will be in person, virtually, over the phone. -Please note, registering for this service does not guarantee a prescription. -Your pharmacist will assess if they can prescribe a treatment option or if a referral to a physician may be necessary.

Cancellation Policy

✅To ensure the safety of yourself and other visitors 🙏Please don’t come to the pharmacy if you feel unwell , if you have been in contact with someone who had Covid , we will be more than happy to reschedule your appointment. ✅Please wear a mask. ✅Please let us know if you no longer need this appointment as soon as you can so we can ensure someone else can get their vaccine 🙏

Contact Details

  • Brant Lakeshore Pharmacy & Purolator Shipping Center, Lakeshore Road, Burlington, ON, Canada

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