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I have never seen such a professional and caring pharmacy over the past 20 years I have dealt with many pharmacies where it was just a one stop to pick up my medicine , since I moved to brant lakeshore Nesrine is so organized , she not only dispense medication but she reviews my profile from A to Z and asked about my allergies and immunization and created a summary that has all my medications and medical history and all my health related note. In fact when my family doctor read her papers he told me that I have a great pharmacy. I truly thank you so much and can't find any way of supporting you other than spreading the pharmacy name to all my friends and neighbours.

I recently switched to this pharmacy and I couldn't be happier. I wish I could give more than 5 stars for Nesrine’s exceptional customer service. She is fast, friendly, professional, and always looking out for your best interests. She even delivered the medicines for free when I couldn’t pick them up. A fantastic place to get your prescriptions filled, I highly recommend Brant Lakeshore Pharmacy.

The kindness, and sincerity is unbelievable. The pharmacist name is Nesrine has me feeling so comfortable, speaking with her.
I have a very hard time saying particular words due to a brain surgery, she gives me the time, Calmness and comfort that I understand all things about my medication and how to take it.
I've just never had this kind of help before.
Thank you so much

What a great little pharmacy on Brant and Lakeshore streets in Burlington. The pharmacist is a very professional and friendly lady. She made absolutely sure that I understood the medication, dosages, side effects, etc. The service was thourgh but very quick at the same time. It was such a pleasure to deal with them and is very conveniently located. I highly recommend this pharmacy.

I am so thankful to Nesrine the pharmacist at Brant Lakeshore Pharmacy, I recently switched to brant lakeshore pharmacy and the first thing she did was review my medications which I did many times at my previous pharmacy but this time it was very detailed and valuable. Nesrine noticed I was taking over the counter medication that I was not supposed to be taking and that was causing me a problem that the doctor was trying to figure out the cause. Nesrine wrote a note for my doctor outlining the problem and she provided me with a detailed list of my medications and my doctor told me I have made a good choice switching to this pharmacy. I am really glad to get this individualized care.

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