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Privacy Policy

At Le Bon Pasteur pharmacy Ltd. / Brant Lakeshore Pharmacy, we respect your privacy and take great care in protecting your personal information. We have many customers interacting with us each week – in our store and through our website. Through these interactions, our customers entrust us with their personal information.

Canadians rely on us to safeguard this information and ensure its responsible collection and use. To do so, we have committed to the following principles:

  1. We will be transparent about how we handle your personal information and our privacy practices

  2. We will use your personal information to benefit you and enhance your customer experience

  3. We will protect your personal information and handle it responsibly

We also want to be transparent about how you can help manage your privacy and information, so you can make informed decisions. Here's the full privacy policy and privacy notices for quick access.


  *This notice describes how the personal health information of our customers (“you”) is collected, used, and disclosed by healthcare  providers when you receive healthcare services at Brant Lakeshore Pharmacy.

What Information Do We Collect?

We and the healthcare providers who provide healthcare services to you understand the responsibility that comes with collecting, using and sharing your personal health information, and are committed to protecting your privacy.

“Personal health information”, as used in this notice and the Le Bon Pasteur pharmacy Ltd./Brant Lakeshore Pharmacy Privacy Policy, is information about you that is gathered through the use of any of the healthcare services provided by pharmacists, dietitians, opticians, nurses, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists and other healthcare providers and includes any information that identifies or can identify you and relates to the state of your health or the treatment you are receiving. More specifically, personal health information means both diagnostic, treatment and care information, and/or registration information.

Depending on the healthcare service provided, personal health information collected may include your name, date of birth, home address, phone number, height, weight, health conditions, prescription and medical history, the type of healthcare service received, name and contact information of prescribing or referring healthcare provider and name and contact information of any authorized agent acting on your behalf, for example, a caregiver.

In general, your personal health information is collected directly from you or your authorized representative, or your healthcare provider. When necessary, our healthcare providers may need to speak to your physician and other healthcare providers within your circle of care in order to obtain the information they need.


How Do We Use This Information?

Your personal health information collected is used in connection with providing healthcare services to you, which may include:

  • Dispensing your medications either in the pharmacy or at an affiliated central fill pharmacy and providing initial and, where appropriate, on-going counselling with respect to your prescription(s);

  • Delivering pharmacy professional services and, where appropriate, providing knowledge, information and counselling in connection with such services, such as immunization information, an adaptation of prescriptions, initiation of prescriptions, medication reviews, etc.;

  • Communicating with you to advise you of prescription refills and other health-related information and services that may be of assistance or interest to you;

  • Providing pharmacy or other health-related capabilities online or through mobile applications;

  • Delivering other professional services, including, dietitian, optician and non-surgical cosmetic services and treatments;

  • Assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals as needed;

  • Responding to requests made by, or on behalf of, your insurance provider to review your insurance claim(s);

  • Recommending programs, products, services or events to manage your healthcare needs;

  • Managing your patient record, including medications dispensed and services or treatments provided;

  • Obtaining and processing payments for prescriptions and healthcare services;

  • Monitoring and investigating incidents and managing claims;

  • If requested, referring you to other healthcare providers ;

  • Performing our obligations in accordance with, or complying with, applicable healthcare-related professional, legal or regulatory requirements.


How Do We Share This Information?

When you are provided with healthcare services, your personal health information may be shared with your healthcare providers and your authorized representative(s). Your personal health information may also be shared with others but only with your consent or as detailed in the Le Bon Pasteur pharmacy Ltd. / Brant Lakeshore Pharmacy Privacy Policy, or as otherwise permitted or required by law.


For example:

If you fill a prescription order in our pharmacy, we may share personal health information with your provincial drug benefit program, private health insurance provider, or other health claim adjudicator as necessary in order to process your claim.


A. Disclosure Without Consent

Canadian law permits or requires the use or sharing of personal health information without consent in specific circumstances, including situations when necessary to protect healthcare providers, employees, customers, or others.

B. Service Providers

In the course of providing our programs, products, and services, your personal health information may be shared with service providers. These service providers help us operate our business, technology systems and applications, internal procedures, infrastructure and advertising and marketing. We require these service providers to limit their access to and/or use of personal health information to that required to provide their services and to otherwise comply with our privacy requirements.


What Are Your Privacy Choices?

The personal health information that your healthcare providers collect is information that they need in order to provide healthcare services to you. If you choose not to provide your healthcare provider with certain personal health information or if you withdraw your consent, where such withdrawal is available, you may not be able to receive certain healthcare services. For more information on what privacy choices are available to you, please discuss this directly with your healthcare provider.

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