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Do I need to keep my receipts for tax purposes?

To protect your privacy, we provide a tax receipt that indicates all expenses spent on prescription medications showing date, prescription number, and amount spent without showing the names of your medications. You can request your tax receipt in January or just before you file your income taxes.

When does my $100 deductible start?

It starts the 1st of August every year (the due date to file our taxes is usually April, the CRA issues our Notice of assessment in July so the annual deduction starts in August)

I will turn 65 years soon, when does my Ontario drug benefit coverage start?

The ministry of health will send you a letter about three months before your 65th birthday to let you know you will automatically join the Ontario Drug Benefit program the first day of the month after you turn 65 years old. (If your birthday is 1 May or 30 May , your coverage starts June 1st. )

I pay $100 deductible every August, I learned that some seniors don’t pay this.

The ODB program requires those eligible to pay a $100 deductible if their income is over the provincial threshold. If your income is below the provincial threshold you can submit a Seniors Co-Payment Program application. Get the form here.

What happens if I can’t get hold of my doctor to renew my chronic medication?  Will the pharmacy advance me some?

To ensure the continuity of care, the pharmacist may assess the case, extend or renew your prescription based upon the individual circumstances.