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Pneumonia vaccine 


#Pneumococcal vaccine is indicated for vaccination against pneumococcal disease caused by those pneumococcal types included in the vaccine #PNEUMOVAX 23 (PNEU-P-23) and #PREVNAR 13 (PNEU-C-13) are 2 different available pneumococcal vaccines.

Nb: (number 13 or 23 it reflects the number of pneumococcal types in each vaccine)

If sequential administration of Prevnar 13 and PNEU-P-23 is considered, Prevnar 13 should be given first.

#Immunocompetent : are those having a normal immune response.

#Immunocompromised: are those having impaired immune system.

* Pneumococcal immunization is desired in people with #diabetes as they are considered as likely to be infected as those with other chronic diseases.

* A single dose is recommended for those >18 who have diabetes.

* For those who are >65 years of age, a 1-time revaccination is recommended if the original vaccine was administered when they were <65 years of age with at least 5 years between administrations.

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